About Us

Corporate Travel Management Services

From Corporate travel and expense management to consulting and meeting management, we deliver a full range of premium services to meet the needs of our corporate clients.


Itinerary planning

Our computerized system, Abacus, provides, instant availability details and confirmation of all schedules airlines. Abacus also determines the cheapest published fares for requested routes. Westminster also has access to non-published, consolidated airfares allowing us to offer the most effective fares.


Passenger information

We provide information on check-in times, type of aircraft, in-flight catering and seat assignment for every itinerary- whether it be a domestic flight or a complex, multi-sector, around-the-world.


Passenger Profiles

Each customer's Passenger Profile From is stored in our reservation system, ensuring all relevant details such as airlines, travel class and seating preferences, as well as frequent flyer numbers are entered into all reservations.


Route / Network Deals

By constantly monitoring travel patterns, we can help you identify and negotiate deals with specific carriers for further savings.


Worldwide Hotel Reservations

We can assist in booking hotel reservations with instant availability status and confirmations.



All reservations are confirmed either by phone or email. You can also access your booking information online using Abacus VirtuallyThere technology.


Management Reports

We can provide monthly usage reports, showing passenger names, routings, carriers used and fares paid.


Related Travel Services

Car hire, travel insurance, Airport Express tickets, rail express, train tickets, ferry tickets, limousines services, passport and visa applications as well as travel document delivery by courier.


Contingency and Risk Management

We place top priority on personal securing with emergency alerts for travelers, traveler tracking and crisis management, pre/post trip destination intelligence and ISOS.